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We are the first company in the industry to gain certification from both the beyond2020 and Paralym Art programs. As a service dedicated to disseminating the charm of Japanese culture to our foreign clientele, we place a high value on the principles of diversity and international inclusion. In all that we do, we aim to promote these principles and to provide our customers with reliable service upholding the standards of the certification we have been granted.

  • beyond2020?

    Beyond2020 is a cultural program that aims to create
    a global legacy of Japanese cultural charm extending
    beyond that of the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
    The program encourages both commercial and nonprofit adoption of policies and procedures
    that support Japan's contribution to a positive future marked by harmonic international peace and collaboration.

  • Paralym Art?

    Enabling disabled individuals to both realize their dreams and
    gain independence through artistic practice.
    A social project building an infrastructure to support the long term
    collaboration between disabled
    persons and private companies thus ending reliance on social security systems.