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WiFi Router Connection Setup

Connection setup is simple. Turn on the rental device, select its WiFi network name (SSID) from your phone (or other Wi-Fi enabled device) and input the password.

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- The indicated connection speeds refer to the maximum possible. The actual speed may vary.
Connection speed may become slow due to factors arising from your cell phone’s specs, surrounding environment and network congestion, etc.
- If you use the device at a location where it is difficult to receive signals, such as inside a room, underground, inside a tunnel, where there are buildings that cause obstructions in the vicinity, in the mountains, or at sea, even if you are within the signal service area, you may still be unable to access the Internet.
If you wish to access the Internet, please do so in an area where the signal strength is good.
- The Fon rental WiFi service is for use in Japan. We are unable to provide any rental services for use outside Japan.
- Payment with the following credit cards is accepted.

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