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Rental WiFi Service

What is your WiFi service coverage area?
Our WiFi service provides good coverage throughout Japan, utilizing multiple high-speed networks. For specific area coverage information, by network, check the following:
・for model 601HW here
・for model W05 here
Are your WiFi devices easy to use?
Yes. To connect, you turn on our rental device, select its WiFi network name from your phone (or your other WiFi enabled
devices) and input the password. It really is that simple. An instruction guide is included to step you through setup and daily use.
What comes in your WiFi device pack?
The pack includes a small WiFi device (mobile router), a USB wall charger & cable, a USB mobile battery, an instruction guide and a customer questionnaire.
Are there any bandwidth caps on your WiFi devices?
Our devices are pre-loaded with huge data allowances (hundreds of GBs). Reasonable use will never hit these limits. However, at some point, total data allowance limits do exist. Different 4G network providers apply different transmission limits, in line with their own network fair use policies (FUP). If a provider thinks your WiFi connection is consuming too much data too quickly, they may apply a temporary stop or ‘throttle’ (speed restriction) on the connection.
Our devices are subject to the following network provider imposed limits:
- Model W05: No total cap but if usage exceeds a total of 10GB three (3) consecutive days, the network provider may temporarily suspend or throttle the connection.
might temporarily suspend the connection.
Does your WiFi device support smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices purchased outside Japan?
Yes, our WiFi devices support Internet connectivity for any WiFi enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop device/s.
Can I receive a WiFi device the day after I order it online?
Yes, if you order prior to 2PM Japan Standard Time one day prior to your intended pick up and use, then a quick delivery is possible*.
*This option depends on the delivery address/location, which determines delivery logistics. Contact us for specific advice.

Rental Period

How is your rental period calculated?
The date the product arrives at the nominated pickup address is defined as the ‘Rental Start Date’. The date the product is placed in a Japan Post box for return is defined as the ‘Rental End Date’.
Can I return the product before the end of the rental period (i.e. return it early)?
Yes, you can return the product at any time before the end of the rental period. However, there are no refunds for early returns (i.e. unused days).
Can I extend my rental period?
Yes, if you wish to extend the rental period you must do so in advance of rental period expiry*.
*Overdue fees will be levied on extensions made/applied for after the rental period ends.
Do I need to pay Internet access fees?
No, internet access fees are not charged in addition to the overall service rental fee if bandwidth caps are not exceeded.


Are there additional charges to your stated service rental fees?
Yes, there is a total 1080 (tax incl.) fee for shipping requirements, and a fee for product damage/loss insurance (which is optional). These costs are calculated during your order process, in line with the specifics of your service selections. Late fees are applied to orders that overrun agreed rental end dates.
Can I get a partial refund if I return the product before the end of the rental period?
No, there are no partial refunds for early returns (i.e. unused days).

Delivery / Return

Does the shipping fee cover delivery and return?
Yes, the shipping charge covers both delivery (to you) and return (back to us).
Can you deliver directly to my hotel?
Yes, we can deliver to the reception desk of the hotel address you indicate in the online order form. When ordering, please indicate the recipient’s name in the recipient field.
Can I return the product via any post box?
Yes, you return the device, using the envelope included in the pack, via any (Japan Post) post box*. *You must return the product via a post box in Japan. International delivery is not accepted.
Are there any post boxes at the airport?
Yes, every airport has a post box. Returns can be made via an airport post box, before you pass through international departure security gates*.
*There are no post boxes beyond international departure security.
How can I find post box locations in Japan?
You can find post boxes via the site PostMap.


I appear unable to receive emails from Fon Rental WiFi.
You may need to add our address ( to your mailbox’s list of accepted email address domains. Some online emails services and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can have security settings that filter/block our address domain.
What should I do if I receive a software (firmware) update for the WiFi device?
You can update if you wish, or choose to ignore it. The device will continue to operate normally if you don’t choose to update.
What happens if the WiFi device suffers damage?
You will be required to bear the costs of repair for any malfunctions or damage (including water damage) caused during your rental period. If the device is damaged beyond repair, you will be charged the 42,000 yen replacement cost*.
*If you have our ‘Peace of Mind Insurance’ coverage, repair costs are waived.
If device malfunction occurs during use, contact us ASAP and we will discuss options to send you a replacement device.
What happens if the WiFi device gets misplaced or lost?
If the device is misplaced or lost, you will be charged the 42,000 yen replacement cost*.
*If you have our ‘Peace of Mind Insurance’ coverage, you will be charged only half the 42,000 yen replacement cost
Can I change or cancel my order reservation?
This depends on the circumstances. Please contact us as soon as possible at

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- The indicated connection speeds refer to the maximum possible. The actual speed may vary.
Connection speed may become slow due to factors arising from your cell phone’s specs, surrounding environment and network congestion, etc.
- If you use the device at a location where it is difficult to receive signals, such as inside a room, underground, inside a tunnel, where there are buildings that cause obstructions in the vicinity, in the mountains, or at sea, even if you are within the signal service area, you may still be unable to access the Internet.
If you wish to access the Internet, please do so in an area where the signal strength is good.
- The Fon rental WiFi service is for use in Japan. We are unable to provide any rental services for use outside Japan.
Bills and Payments
- Payment with the following credit cards is accepted.